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Local Towing Service near Albuquerque NM: Are you looking for the Best Local Towing Service near Albuquerque NM ? Towing Services of Albuquerque, are considered to be some of the best operated by our towing technicians. When looking for timely, affordable and highly efficient towing services you can rely Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Local Towing Service around Albuquerque NM . We serve Albuquerque NM and other areas.

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Best Local Towing Service In Albuquerque

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Local Towing Service near Albuquerque NM: Towing Services of Albuquerque was established with more than 10 years of Roadside Assistance and towing service experience. At an affordable Price for the residents of Mexico Towing Services of Albuquerque offers:

If you’re looking for a reliable Towing company that deals with low-cost towing, Towing Services of Albuquerque in Albuquerque NM is one place where many would expect the best professional services to be found.

Towing Services of Albuquerque Services in  Albuquerque NM not only are capable of offering high quality services at an overall affordable rate, but are also versed in making virtually any type of towing method easy and accessible depending on your specific needs.

Main Local Towing Methods to Consider

Local Towing Service near Albuquerque NM: Towing Services of Albuquerque Towing’s tow trucks in Albuquerque NM are considered to be some of the best operated by our towing technicians. When looking for timely, affordable and highly efficient towing services you can rely on Towing Services of Albuquerque in Albuquerque New Mexico.

However, as always, it is extremely important to get to know a Towing company you want to hire before taking the next step.  But when in the middle of a breakdown its just impossible to do the research and even think about who is right for the job. So, let’s find out just what you can expect from these services in terms of the varieties of towing techniques and methods you should look for:

  • 24 hour towing services are prevalent in this region of Albuquerque NM Regardless of when and where your car breaks down in the Albuquerque NM area, you can be sure that at least some of the best towing companies will be able to render assistance even at 3 in the morning.
  • Flatbed towing near Albuquerque NM is probably the most popular and efficient way to tow an average size car. Towing Services of Albuquerque professionals in Albuquerque NM can provide reliable and safe flatbed towing for regular cars, sports cars, SUVs and even small trucks.
  • If your vehicle weighs less than 10,000 lbs., wheel lift towing is probably the most practical, as well as the cheapest towing practice you can choose.
  • On the other hand, for larger vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs., medium or heavy duty towing is considered to be the preferred option.
  • Regarding special types of towing, Towing Services of Albuquerque services near Albuquerque NM can offer dependable tow trucks and towing features for vehicles such as motorcycles, RVs, modified vehicles and even large trucks and buses.

Give Towing Services of Albuquerque a Call to Help with Any Towing Questions You may have. We service the entire area of Mexico.

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Local Towing Service near Albuquerque NM: Towing service near Albuquerque NM: Millions of vehicles are towed in the US each year. Nearly every car owner has needed at least one tow in their lifetime. Towing fees can be costly if you do not have roadside assistance through your insurance, membership in a roadside assistance group, or an emergency fund set up for cases of, well, auto emergencies. Many people do not realize tow services include more than transporting a vehicle from one place to another. The fees charged by tow companies can vary depending on your circumstances, where you live, and the tow company.

Why Would I Need To Be Towed?

There are several reasons that you might need to employ the services of a tow truck, and thankfully, several of them are avoidable but many are not. If you are in an accident and your car is damaged to the point that you cannot drive it, or if your car has a problem that keeps it from starting, you’re definitely going to need a tow truck. But the most common reasons for needing a tow truck are avoidable. Have you ever left your lights on accidentally and killed your battery? Keeping a pair of jumper cables in your trunk could help you avoid making the costly call.

Likewise with keeping and knowing how to change a flat tire for a new one and keeping an eye on the gas gauge.

Average Tow Costs

Towing service near Albuquerque NM: Some tow companies may charge $2.50 to $7.00 per mile. The higher dollar amount is usually reserved for heavy-duty vehicles. The cost adds up fast. Here’s a ballpark estimate of what you could end up paying:

Finding a mechanic nearby could really help reduce the cost of your tow.

  • 5 to 7 Mile Tow: $30 to $100
  • 40 Mile Tow: $100 to $250
  • 100 Mile Tow: $250 to $600

What Services Do Tow Companies Offer?

Best Towing service near Albuquerque NM: Keys locked in the car is a common occurrence for many. Calling a tow company to help can save the day. Check out the other services that are often available from a tow company.

  • Gas Delivery
  • Jump Start
  • Unlock Door
  • Tire Change
  • Transport a Vehicle
  • Pull You Out If Stuck

What Impacts the Cost of a Tow?

If you check directly on a tow company’s website for pricing, you will probably be hard-pressed to find a dollar amount. I checked several and not one listed their prices. However, luckily the cost of a tow is fairly standard so I can at least give you a ballpark figure. Towing fees often start at $50 and can quickly get as high as $100 depending on the type of tow and where you are located.

Often the base fee or often referred to as a hook-up fee is $50, regardless if you need your vehicle towed one mile or twenty. More mileage does often come with a higher price tag. A standard tow is usually cheaper than a flatbed tow. A tow due to a car accident can be substantially higher. The cost of having your vehicle towed and impounded can also be a lot higher.


You probably already have more than enough reasons to hire our professional team at Towing Services of Albuquerque, but we want to highlight what sets us apart from other Albuquerque towing services. First and foremost, we are the most responsive towing company in Albuquerque. As we are available round the clock, you can contact us any time of day and night, and you can rest assured that we will respond to your inquiry coming to assist you with your rescue right of way. Whether that is through our emergency roadside assistance services or vehicle recovery services using our flatbed tow truck, we make sure to staff our support towing technicians 24/7.  Also for us, we make sure our roadside assistance services and vehicle recovery need not be determined by the time of day or condition of weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

I think my vehicle was towed. What should I do?

Local Towing Service near Albuquerque NM: The Development Property Manager has the contact information for the towing company in your area, check with the Property Manager to confirm. Then contact the Development’s towing company for more information on how to retrieve your vehicle.

How can I get my vehicle back?

Contact the towing company for that Development. Towing information is posted on signage around the parking facility.

I am an Albuquerque NM employee, who do I contact about my towed vehicle?

The Development Property Manager will have this information, as they have to authorize the towing of any employee vehicles.

Who pays the towing fee?

The vehicle owner is responsible for all towing fees.

How much do the towing companies charge to release a towed vehicle?

Fees are paid directly to the towing company.

Why was my vehicle towed?

Your vehicle was in violation of our towing policy. Please refer to our policy in the Parking Rules and Regulations page.

My vehicle was erroneously towed, how do I file a complaint?

Complaints can be made via phone to the Towing Services of Albuquerque Parking Services offices. Please see the Contact Us page for further information on how to reach the office.

How do I know if towing is enforced at the lot?

Towing is enforced at all Towing Services of Albuquerque Development parking facilities.

Who pays the booting fee?

The vehicle owner is responsible for all booting fees.

Why was my vehicle booted?

Your vehicle was in violation of our parking policy. Please refer to our policy in the Parking Rules and Regulations page.

My vehicle was erroneously booted, how do I file a complaint?

All vehicles are checked thoroughly both visually and through the parking permit software prior to a boot getting placed, but if you believe an error was made please send you concern and backup to Albuquerque NM, and we will investigate and respond in writing.

How do I know if booting is enforced at the lot?

Currently, booting is enforced in all Towing Services of Albuquerque Development parking facilities, in addition to towing.

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